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Max Hughes was born into a musical family.  His father played banjo and his mother played fiddle in The Hooterville Opry Symphonic Orchestra.  They released a record, “Corn Squeezins”, in the late 50’s that was a minor regional hit.  They bought Max an acoustic guitar when he was 9 years old but Max wasn’t interested in playing hillbilly music.  He wanted to be one of

The Beatles.

After several years of guitar lessons he decided to try out the piano and began lessons in earnest.  He quit that a short while later when his teacher tried to get him to play “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”.  “I told the teacher I wanted to play like Jerry Lee Lewis”, Max said.  The teacher scoffed at this and Max moved on to pursue a career as a Rock and Roll musician.  He started several bands beginning in middle school and eventually became a prolific songwriter.

In the eighties he formed a band called The StoneTones who played original songs written by Max exclusively.  They were together for over twenty years and played hundreds of shows throughout the Pacific Northwest.  They also released several CD’s of

original material.

After the demise of The StoneTones, Max played rhythm guitar and sang in several short lived bands.  In 2004 he helped form a band called The Roadside Roses who released a few CD’s, including Live at The 45th Street Pub and Live at The Gemini Festival.  After a few years away from the music scene he moved to Polson Montana and met some fine musicians who formed the band Cat Bay Moon, who are currently performing around Northwest Montana.

StoneTones Discography:

Still Got Rock and Roll

Live at The Bar of The Gods

Gone and Forgotten (Demons and Demo’s: Unreleased 2 and 4 track recordings)

Roadside Roses Discography:

Live at The Gemini Festival

Live at The 45th Street Pub

Pete Gillard was a child prodigy, unfortunately not in music. He grew up mostly in Chevy Chase, MD., and lived for a year in Jerusalem, Jordan (66-67), and 4 years in Teheran, Iran (69-73). Pete attended U. of Wisconsin/Madison, and graduated from U. of Colorado/Boulder. Pete has a Masters in Geography from U. Wyoming/Laramie and has been working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since 1994.


His musical journey began with the Beatles and he has been playing guitar since the mid-60s. Along the way, took cello lessons, played trumpet in the Junior High School Band, and took Sitar lessons for 2 years while living in Iran. His musical interests still includes the Beatles, the Grateful Dead, the Who, Danny Gatton, and the ever evolving Cat Bay Moon band.


Keryl Lozar is our drummer extraordinaire!  Over the past two decades she has emerged as a positive force in the Valley’s music community.  She is the original creator of The Flathead Lake Blues and Music Festival now in its 9th season.

Lozar wrote original songs and played lead guitar, vocals and harp in the band Hot Flash Blues – the first and only all woman’s blues band within five hundred miles!

She also played acoustic folk/rock guitar with her son Michael (of the local Irish band, The Shamrockers) in a duo called O'Hana and she played lead guitar/vocals in a local rock band Common Ground.

In 2018 she helped organize and played guitar and harp in The BackRoad Blues Band which featured incredibly talented Native American musicians.

Fleshing out her band history to date, Lozar played guitar and bass as a member of Sunlight Black, a local alternative-rock band.

Keryl's love of percussion has been a constant in her musical life since the day her dad brought a pair of Bongos back as a gift from a business trip when she was 12.  A self taught musician all around, she was influenced by the styles of Keith Moon, John Bonham, Karen Carpenter, and Sheila E. of Santana and Azteca.  Keryl says that drumming and songwriting have become an integral part of her daily life and future feeding of her rhythmic core!

Keryl shared, "it's an honor and a privilege to be able to 'bang the skins' in Cat Bay Moon with such skilled and talented musicians"

Good rock music will stand the test of time!